5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Smile This Christmas

5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Smile This Christmas


It’s that time of year again, where everyone is rushing around de-tangling the lights (a dreaded job that someone must do!), last minute present shopping, writing Christmas wish lists and stocking up on festive food. During this time, we all love to relax with family and friends and indulge in our favorite holiday food and forget about healthy eating for a week or two. And although we deserve to take it easy for the end of the year, it’s important not to forget about your teeth in the magical madness that is Christmas!

Here are some tips to help you protect your teeth from ho-ho-holes this Christmas:
1. Try to drink acidic carbonated drinks and juice through a straw, to reduce the contact with your teeth.
2. Eating at Christmas time is one way we like to celebrate, but try to keep the snacking at meal times, to expose your teeth to less acid and sugar.
3. However, if you just can’t resist snacking on those Cadbury Favorites (we know the feeling!), or having a Christmas Wine (or two!), chewing sugar-free gum or drinking a glass of water will help to protect your teeth and prevent staining.
4. Don’t ditch the routine! Even though Christmas morning is very exciting and we all want to see what Santa has brought us (adults and kids alike!), brushing your teeth before you head down to the presents, only takes 2 minutes!
5. Don’t use your teeth as tools this Christmas. Many people end up cracking and chipping their teeth, as they use them to tear cello-tape, opening beer bottles or crack open those nuts. Have a pair of scissors handy and ask Santa for a nut-cracker, instead of asking your dentist for a new set of teeth, come January 2018.