6 Reasons Why Invisalign Are Still No.1

Over the last couple of years the demand for clear aligners to straighten teeth has skyrocketed, and with it the number of different systems and brands of aligners that are following in Invisalign’s footsteps. So what’s the difference between these systems?
1. Whereas Invisalign has been available since 1997, many other companies are only 1-2 years old. Invisalign has evolved and perfected its aligner materials, techniques, software and support over the years. As many of its patents for clear aligners have run out 2 years ago and their professional secrets and formulas came out, other companies have jumped aboard to replicate what Invisalign has been doing for 20 years.
2. SmartTrack – Invisalign’s material is extremely flexible and very thin. It evolved after 8 years of testing 300 different materials. Compared to many other cheaper alternatives it is
a. more comfortable in the mouth
b. easier to take on and off
c. designed to speed up treatment time
3. SmartForce – Invisalign’s software planning program is second to none, and highly advanced in moving teeth in specific ways that other brands cannot do.
4. Invisalign includes putting little ‘buttons’ or fillings on the teeth, giving the aligners a better grip on the teeth. Each individual one is shaped a certain way to provide a certain tooth movement – this means better, effective control over teeth. Many competitors do not use buttons, thus a smooth aligner sits over a smooth tooth, meaning less grip and more sliding past each other, rather than together.
5. Invisalign dentist checks your mouth properly to ensure you are the best candidate for the treatment. This is combined with photos, x-rays and professionally-taken moulds or scans of your teeth. As you can imagine, this is much more accurate than taking your own mould and selfies that online companies use for assessment.
6. Dentists oversee the process of tooth movement with Invisalign – they make sure all teeth are moving well, give you instructions and advice. If any problems arise dentist can catch and correct these early. Taking your own moulds and being in charge of straightening your own teeth is risky business, with sometimes catastrophic results and no proper clinician to turn to for support.

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