Christmas Guide to Healthy Holiday Teeth


As we climb out of COVID lockdown hibernation, we are once again free to enjoy eating out, having drinks with friends and catching up with near and dear to us for those endless end of year get-togethers. So will our teeth stand up to the challenge?

Here are some tips to help you get through the Holiday season unscathed:

  1. Teeth are not scissors, nor are they bottle openers. Avoid those nasty chips and cracks on your chompers, and unnecessary emergency trips to the dentist.
  2. Beware of buffet and grazing tables – constant snacking increase the chance of cavities. Choose veggies, dips, nuts and cheeses over sweets.
  3. Alternate bubbly and wine with water. Water will help to rinse the acid out of the mouth, not to mention reduce the possible staining from red wine.
  4. Fill the stockings with toys instead of sweets – little puzzles, joke books, bouncy balls etc. will last longer than the chocolate bar and are a healthier option for the teeth!
  5. Stick to your routine and don’t forget your toothbrush! Make sure you still brush, floss and wear you night splint and invisalign aligners even if you are away on holidays or enjoying a late night out. Your teeth will thank you for it later.
  6. Don’t forget your checkup – give us a call after 4 January if you are due for an appointment – let’s face it, with the crazy 2020 that we had and never-ending restrictions, many of us are well overdue for our regular dental visit!

Happy holidays and our team at EDG are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2021!