Dental Tips for the Festive Season

Christmas season (aka indulgence season) is upon us once again – here are some tips on how to get you and your mouth through it:

  1. Be careful of candy canes and pork crackling – these are some of the biggest culprits behind chipped teeth atChristmas!
  2. Swap red wine for white – lets face it, a white chilled Prosecco in 35 degrees is much nicer than a shiraz, plus you get to keep your pearly whites from staining!
  3. Have some cheese and plenty of water after – it neutralises the acidity of alcohol and protects your teeth with calcium and Fluoride
  4. Swap a gingerbread man to some fresh fruit – this is the season for mangoes, cherries, watermelon and nectarines – a much healthier and more refreshing alternative to sugar-laden desserts
  5. Stock your kids’ stockings with goodies – swap lollies and chocolates to small toys, a cool toothbrush, an hour-glass clock or a timer to put in the bathroom to time their brushing.

Electric toothbrushes,water picks and tooth whitening  vouchers also make great adult Christmas presents.

  • Don’t use your teeth instead of scissors – they are not designed to break tape while you’re gift wrapping! A chipped front tooth is not a good look at Christmas parties

                  Happy Holidays everyone and we’ll see you in 2019!