Laser treatment is becoming more and more widespread in many sectors of health and beauty industry, including dentistry. Here at EDG we use a diode laser, which has many treatment benefits:
• Replaces cutting with a scalpel in many cases
• Virtually pain-free, with most procedures not even needing injections
• Fast healing
• No bleeding
• Reduces need for sutures (stitches) in some surgical procedures
• Disinfects the area

Here are some procedures where lasers are used:
1. Gum recontouring – if you feel that your teeth are too short, resulting in a gummy smile, or you have a gummy overgrowth around a tooth, this can be reshaped with a laser, instead of being cut by a scalpel.
2. Exposing an impacted tooth – often lower wisdom teeth don’t erupt fully, instead being partially covered by gum, where food gets caught. This often leads to infections/flare-ups.
Laser can be used to remove this gum safely and painlessly.
3. Gum disease treatment – lasers can be used to disinfect inflamed gum around teeth after dental scale and clean – this has been shown to be more effective in treating gum disease than scaling alone and may reduce the need for antibiotics.
4. Ulcer treatment – effective as pain relief for mouth ulcers, also speeding up their healing
5. Bleaching of single teeth – as very targeted can be used to whiten a single tooth when it is darker than its neighbours and whole mouth whitening is not needed
6. Biostimulation – may prevent gingival inflammation (mucositis after radiotherapy in cancer treatment)

Each laser treatment case is carefully evaluated and selected. If you would like to find out more please contact us on 95316387 or book your appointment with the team.