Welcome to all-new EDG!

After 35 years at 165 Ormond Rd we have closed our doors for the last time…to open our brand new clinic right next door at 163 Ormond Rd! 4 long months of renovations have paid off and EDG team is extremely excited to welcome everyone into our new home, with all-abilities access, extra treatment space, larger reception area, updated decor, equipment and plenty of light. Can’t wait to see you here!


Do you hate having impressions (moulds) of your teeth taken? Have you always wanted to see what your teeth look like in detail? Our answer to this is Itero scanner. It provides us with a 3-D image of your mouth and teeth, which is extremely accurate, fast, and has numerous uses:

  1. If you are considering straightening your teeth with Invisalign, we can show you a predicted outcome of your straight teeth on the spot before you commit to the treatment.
  2. Invisalign treatment plans are ready within 1-2 days instead of 3-4 weeks
  3. Your individual or numerous teeth can be scanned quickly and accurately, providing an perfect fit of anything from a crown to a denture
  4. Worried about your teeth wearing down, moving or losing gum around them, Itero scans can track these, ensuring prompt treatment if needed.
  5. If you are worried regarding radiation in x-rays, Itero can accurately scan the teeth and pick up caries (cavities) where they are not visible on the surface.

if you have any questions or would like to find out more about our new digital scanning please contact us on

9531 6387 or ask your dentist at the next appointment.