New Year Resolutions and How to Keep Them

New Year resolutions and how to keep them
So the holidays and all the parties are over and now it’s back to reality. Have we all overindulged over the last month? Have we all forgotten about our daily routines and regimes? Is it time to get back on track and carry through with those New Year resolutions we’ve made? Here are some tips on how to make them a reality:
1) Aim for shorter monthly or weekly goals that are more achievable.
If you never floss, start with flossing twice a week, rather than saying that you’ll do it every day this year. Once you’ve mastered this, slowly increase timeframes.
2) Aim for smaller steps.
Instead of saying you’ll eliminate all junk food or sugar, eliminate one thing at a time, replacing it with healthier alternatives (e.g. cut down on soft drinks for 1-2 week, slowly replacing with water, then do the same by replacing sugary snacks with nuts or fruit)
3) Before making a New Year resolution make sure you are willing to really put in the work and make them realistic. Don’t take on every goal at once.
4) Make it fun or at least have a ‘support network’.
5) If you are cutting back on sugar try to get the whole family involved, don’t do it on your own.
Look up new recipes and make new healthy desserts together with the kids.
6) Goals and resolutions don’t have to begin on 1 January, pick a realistic starting time so you can properly plan and prepare – don’t start on a diet on the day of a big party!
7) Don’t let setbacks discourage you, keep persevering and try to get back on track as soon as possible!