A common occurrence in our kids’ teeth is hypoplastic enamel. This appears as mottled, white, yellow or patchy enamel, and is most common on the 1st set of adult molars and front teeth. This is often caused by an illness at a young age while these teeth are developing inside the jawbone. They are usually quite chalky, weak and prone to cavities, thus need extra care and attention. So how do we look after them?

~Make sure you have these checked with the dentist regularly, ideally every 6 months

~ Give these teeth the best possible protection by brushing twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing

~ Ensure adequate intake of tooth-strengthening, calcium-rich dairy foods, such as cheese, yoghurt,  milk.

~ If you are low in vitamin D (which helps the body to better absorb calcium) consider a vitamin D supplement – please consult with your GP

~ Have protective fissure seals applied as recommended. This is a thin layer of filling material, which is applied to the biting surface of back ‘chewing’ molars, where cavities are most commonly formed, thus acting as a protective barrier. Once the deep fissures, pits and grooves of these teeth are sealed, bacteria and sweet, sticky foods are prevented from attacking them and causing decay.

~ Consider using Toothmousse – a protective cream that strengthens tooth enamel – please ask us at the clinic if this is appropriate for you and your child.

~ Check with your dentist if a protective crown (cap) is needed for a hypoplastic tooth