Beginning of the sports season means it’s time for a new mouthguard. So how do you pick the right one? Here is all you need to know about over-the-counter vs. custom-fit mouthguards:
Over-the-counter mouthguards
• Can be bought at pharmacies and sports stores
• Predominantly boil-and-bite: generic mould that softens in hot water, allowing you to bite into it and mould it to your mouth/teeth
• Don’t fit as well and tend to be loose in the mouth as boil-and-bite variety can’t be fitted as closely to your teeth
• Thinner plastic, thus offering less impact-protection for your teeth
• Any adjustments need to be made by yourself with scissors or a razor blade
• Due to thinner plastic wear down and deform quicker, needing to be replaced every several months
Custom-fit mouthguards
• Professionally-made mouthguards (either by a dentist or a dental technician/prosthetist)
• Based on a detailed mould taken of your individual mouth and teeth, which ensures perfect, snug fit in your mouth
• Can be made of various thickness depending on the degree of protection needed, age and sport you play
• Offer better protection for your teeth as plastic ‘wraps’ around each tooth
• Don’t lose their shape over time
• Small precise adjustments to fit can be made by a professional dentist or prosthetist
• Strong material ensures longevity, usually 1-2 years depending on strength of your bite and any changes in the mouth (e.g. new teeth erupting in kids or new fillings/caps placed on teeth)
For best fit have your teeth checked and any necessary dental work done prior to having mouthguard moulds taken.
Get your custom-made mouthguard during March for 40% off the regular price (In many cases mouthguards are fully covered by your private health insurance – please check rebates prior).
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