A dental bridge is a way to replace missing teeth in your mouth, by suspending a tooth looking structure between two other healthy teeth.

There are a number of different types and your dentist will recommend the most appropriate treatment option to ensure a great aesthetic result.


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Why Do I Need A Bridge?


To replace a missing tooth (or few!).  This helps with appearance of course, but also prevents stresses and damage to other teeth next to the gap.  It helps make sure your bite is natural and even and prevents other teeth from 'floating' and moving around.


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What Should I Know?


Your teeth need to be shaped so the bridge can fit correctly onto your existing teeth and you need to make sure the gums and 'support teeth' are healthy.

Bridges can last for many years, but they really depend on how well you look after them.  Keep up your regular dental visits and you need to keep up your flossing.

Your dentist may recommend to you special flossing devices or 'super floss' to thread around and clean your bridge properly.

Take care of them - and they'll provide you with a great aesthetic solution for many years to come!

Not sure if you need a Bridge?

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