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When should my child start seeing a dentist?


We here at Elwood Dental Group understand that you want your child to have a fun, comfortable, pain free experience at the dentist. Luckily our clinicians have a great demeanour when working with children and understand how to make it fun and even exciting for them.

Experts recommend that your child’s dental care starts as young as just 12 months of age.  In some cases, your doctor may even recommend earlier if he suspects there may be dental problems.


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Why so early?
They don't even have proper teeth yet?


Even in the absence of problems, early childhood visits allow us to cover some tips with you and to establish good habits that will make treating their teeth in the future a pain-free and low cost exercise.

We are also able to build comfort with the quirky dental environment and help ease any anxiety.

If we catch dental problems in baby teeth, then we can prevent problems transferring to adult teeth too.


Of course - if your child has had any injuries where you suspect teeth or gums may have been involved then do not hesitate to Contact Us.



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