Missing teeth.  How do you replace them? There are a number of ways such as dentures or bridges, but implants are also an amazing option.


Dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural.  They are very stable, keep your bone healthy, and integrate well into your jaw.

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What's Involved?


Implants are surgically placed below the gumline in a series of appointments.  Several appointments are needed to allow implants to fully integrate into your jaw.

Once the post is ready, another appointment will place the cap on top and you'll have a new tooth!

Am I Eligible?


Not everyone can have dental implants, especially younger people or medically compromised.  Your dentist will check everything but usually you need really healthy gums, strong bones and a solid jaw to support the implant.

Implants graphic

Advanced Technology

Here at Elwood Dental Group we strongly believe in utilising the latest technologies to provide the best treatment experience possible. Watch the video for an insight into the implant technologies we use.


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