Fillings at Elwood Dental Group

What Is A Filling?


If our preventative measures haven't completely worked, or when tooth structure is severely weakened or damaged, then we need to replace it with something harder.  It is important to get a filling as soon as possible to protect the nerves and vital tissues inside, and to stop any problems getting worse and spreading.

They can be made with a variety of materials all of which have pros and cons, and we strive to achieve the best aesthetics without compromising strength for your particular needs.  Your clinician will discuss the material options with you and recommend the best ones for your needs.


before/after tooth coloured fillings

How Are They Done?


The dentist will assess your teeth and remove any weakened and broken tooth structure.  They will then apply several treatments to the tooth before filling it with a resin-like material.  They're then polished and checked that you're not biting directly on them.

Do They Last Forever?


Unfortunately scientists still haven't found a material that works as well as human teeth.  Your teeth are incredibly hard.  They can withstand grinding, chewing, clenching, a whole bunch of chemicals and acids from foods, and still stay strong.  They truly are remarkable!

Any filling material we place is a 'second-best' solution and very few will last the rest of your life.  They will wear away, chip or crack over time.  If you do have fillings in your mouth it's strongly recommended to have them checked every 12 months.

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