Cleaning & Preventative Services

Most dental problems are actually preventable. We use this fact as part of our philosophy and wherever possible we encourage preventative methods of treatment.  This means encouraging you to make your regular 6 month checkup.

Below are some of our preventative services we can help you with.  It's not a comprehensive list, but it gives you an idea of how we strive to prevent rather than patch up problems after they've occurred.

Hygiene implements



X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool to find areas of decay that may be between your teeth, and underneath your gums, that can be missed by simply looking with a mirror.  If missed, this decay can travel 'sideways' through your teeth resulting in major problems later on. You may experience pain, require large fillings, root canals.  You may need to protect them further with crowns, replacements, or also extractions.  X-rays are a valuable preventative tool.

X-ray closeup

Scale & Cleanings

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that grow on teeth as soon as we finish brushing them.  Over the course of 12 hours, it builds up and reaches a critical threshold where it starts to generate acid as a by-product. After 24 hours it can also start absorbing minerals from your saliva and turning into a rock-hard substance called calculus, or 'tar tar'.

Even the most astute tooth brusher cannot clean their mouth totally. Tiny places such as underneath the gum lines and in the deepest corners of your mouth are often missed (Do you floss every day?). These areas are at risk of calculus build up and need a regular clean. If not cleaned it can lead to bleeding gums, gum loss, tooth loss, periodontitis, bad breath and more.  We recommend a clean every 6 months to prevent these problems.


Oral hygiene Instruction


It may not be the first thing you think of when visiting the dentist - but our clinicians can work with you to devise an oral hygiene regime to suit your individual needs. With a little advice and technique correction - we may be able to help you take care of your teeth.  The advice may help you remove and prevent plaque and calculus and will give you the power to effectively control your oral health from home.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are one of the best ways of preventing tooth decay. A fissure sealant is a protective tooth coloured hard resin coating that is bonded into grooves of teeth to stop decay from forming in these grooves.
They're a simple matter of cleaning, and bonding, and are easy to apply. We recommend them for younger children who don't brush hard enough at their younger age, and we also recommend them for anyone above the age of 6.  Adults too.  Any tooth which has grooves in it and doesn't already have decay - can be an ideal candidate to be protected by fissure sealants.

before/after fissure seals

Fluoride Treatments



Fluoride is essential to the integrity of the teeth, especially for younger teeth and teeth that are still developing.  We offer a range of fluoride treatments which can be done every six months to help ensure the teeth remain strong and healthy.

Mouth Guards


More and more sporting associations are realising the importance of custom fitted mouth-guards.  In fact many have a "No Guard -No Play" policy.  Unfortunately the 'generic' mouthguards purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets do not distribute forces of impact as effectively. They often do not fit perfectly, do not hug the teeth in the correct way, and can be uncomfortable too.

We take an impression of your mouth and your teeth and a custom mouth guard is made up to fit your teeth individually.  It will feel much more comfortable and you'll be able to wear them for much longer periods without being uncomfortable.

Boy using mouthguard for sport

Sleep Apnoea


During sleep muscles in your throat can relax and close off or become obstructed.  You may snore a lot or in some cases completely stop breathing.  A person with this disorder may have multiple disturbances to their sleep on any given night which may result in drowsiness or fatigue.  Elwood Dental Group can help assess sleep apnoea and other sleep conditions and point you in the right direction for various tests and possible treatments.


Man snoring - sleep medicine

Grinding Splints/Guards


Some people are prone to grinding, or clenching.  Especially at night.  This can cause the surfaces of the teeth to wear down - leading to less tooth structure, and sometimes sensitivity.

Custom moulded grinding splints, or guards are placed onto the teeth and protect the surfaces.  They also help manage jaw dysfunction, stabilize your bite, or even to help create space before restoration procedures.

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