Veneers are thin tooth-like structures that are bonded onto your teeth to give you a beautiful, custom designed smile.


They're an ideal choice because they're simple and have minimal tooth cutting preparation.  They help straighten, lengthen, whiten, close gaps and also hide aesthetic blemishes.


Once on the teeth, veneers are virtually undetectable.  We will custom design them to your mouth and your needs so you get something sure to solve your aesthetic concerns.

before and after veneers

Porcelain Veneers


Once glued onto the teeth, these ultra thin veneers are tooth-like pieces of porcelain and are virtually undetectable.  They also resist stains well unlike composite or fillings.

Composite Bonded Veneers


Composite veneers are also offered at Elwood Dental Group.  They are a more cost effective way of improving your smile by using white filling material to improve the shape, colour and aesthetic of your teeth with minimal damage to your existing tooth.  They can be used alike porcelain veneers to close gaps between teeth, lengthen teeth and improve your overall smile.

New Teeth - New Feeling


Your teeth and the way they feel is incredibly familiar so veneers cause different shapes and sensations and will feel different to you.

Still though, most people get used to it in a few days and extra adjustments can be made as you continue with your new smile.

Before & After
The change can be life-changing!

Before veneers
After veneers