Crowns are designed to completely cover or 'cap' a tooth which has been severely weakened structurally.  

They're made of natural looking porcelain and can fix some issues aesthetically as well as functionally.

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Do You Need A Crown?


You may need a crown if any of your teeth are severely damaged due to decay or many years of fillings.  Sometimes they're a good idea with fractured or chipped teeth.  They can also be recommended in some cases of worn or sensitive teeth.

They're recommended after any root canal procedures to protect them from fracturing.

And also, they're used to improve the appearance of some of your teeth.  You may have a tooth which is a different shape, colour or size and a crown can help with the aesthetic appearance of it in your mouth.

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What Should I Know?


Crowns are unable to change with whitening procedures so it's a good idea to do any whitening prior to a crown placement.

The Crown placement procedure can take a couple of appointments and involve preparing the tooth shape to snugly fit inside a crown and then placing the crown after it has been made up at the dental laboratory.

It's a good idea to avoid sticky foods with your crown (Minties are notorious!), but as always, it it falls off or breaks, contact us to have a look and make sure no further damage was caused.

Crowns need extra attention for brushing and flossing - or they run the risk of becoming decayed and failing.  Look after them and they'll potentially last you years and years.