Extraction Procedures at Elwood Dental Group

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a tooth is simply too far degraded and is actually better removed.  To avoid future problems, and avoid spreading disease onto other teeth.

Occasionally too, some teeth are simply born to come out! Often children have baby teeth that refuse to leave their home.  Maybe nature may have blessed you with extra teeth!

Extraction procedures may sound scary but our team are extremely caring.  We'll make sure you're comfortable and make sure it's as painless as possible.  Recent advances in dental technology have improved the experience so many patients complain of no problems at all.  Great when combined with our gentle touch!

girl missing tooth

The Basic Procedure


Although each procedure will vary depending on your individual case, and your clinician will explain things to you; it's nice to have a general idea of the basic procedure so you can know what to expect.

First and foremost an x-ray may need to be taken to assess the tooth. This will be followed by a powerful anaesthetic to reduce the likelyhood of discomfort and are currently some of the most effective anaesthetics to date.

After the procedure it's important to minimize smoking, brushing too hard and swishing liquids but more information will be explained to you before you go home.

Possible Symptoms of a
Wisdom Tooth Impaction


  • Facial swelling
  • Infection
  • Pain on biting
  • Gum swelling
  • Sore jaw

Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are notorious for becoming 'impacted' or trying to come out where there isn't enough space for them.  This can cause them to crowd other teeth, make people start biting strangely and other problems too.

Having regular yearly checkups and x-rays will help us spot if a Wisdom tooth intends to misbehave and if necessary we can help catch them before they start causing pain and discomfort.

Many people need some, or all of their wisdom teeth removed to avoid these problems.  The good news though is this never hamper's one's abilities to eat a delicious meal.

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