How much sugar is hiding in your trolley?

Earlier this month we celebrated Dental Health Week. The focus this year was on sugar, which was very appropriate during our COVID lockdown as many of us indulge in those extra calories and sweets while stuck at home.  So how can we be more sugar savvy and improve our diets and overall well-being?

  1. Be aware of hidden sugars – sugar comes in over 50 different forms, not just the generic white stuff that we add to coffee. These include nectars, syrups, malt, sucrose, molasses, treacle, maltodextrin, glucose just to name a few.
  2. Be mindful of the amount of sugar consumed daily – sugar mixed with mouth bacteria produces acid, which causes tooth decay. On average Australians consume 14 teaspoons of sugar each day – aim for maximum 6 teaspoons (equivalent to 24 grams).
  3. Check the labels – Check the ingredient list on the back of the food packet – the closer it is to the top of the list the more of it is present. Look for products with less than 10g of sugar.
  4. Wash the sugar out of your mouth ASAP after eating – drink water, chew gum, brush and floss your teeth regularly.
  5. Expose your teeth to enough fluoride, which fights tooth decay and strengthens enamel – drink tap water and use fluoridated toothpaste.
  6. Switch to healthier snacks – swap the cakes and chocolate to nuts, veggie sticks, plain rice crackers, canned tuna, yogurt and cheese.

EDG is always here to help, even during the COVID stage 4 lockdown – call us on 95316387 or email