Party season is here once again, meaning endless feasts, treats and indulgences. We all know that this means less than ideal food choices. So what should we look out for and how can we be kind to our teeth and stomachs this Christmas?



Pork crackling

This is sure to break some teeth, as well as add some calories! Its incredible how many patients come in with cracked teeth and fillings after Christmas!


Softer, leaner meat

Chocolate-covered nuts

Teeth breakers, as well as decay accelerators due to high sugar

Slivered almonds

Much softer and gentler on the teeth. Also full of healthy fats, vitamin E, protein and magnesium. May help to reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol

Red wine

Who likes discoloured stained teeth?!

White wine

A lighter alternative to reds, to keep your pearly whites sparkling, especially in summer!

Fizzy drinks

High acid level and usually full of sugar = recipe for new cavities. Also bright colour additives may contribute to tooth stains


Clear – will never stain your teeth

Refreshing and thirst-quenching

Added fluoride strengthens tooth enamel

Candy cane

Pure hard sugar breaking teeth and causing decay

Dark chocolate

Healthier sweet alternative with protein, fibre, magnesium and iron


Full of nasty fats, hidden sugars and flavour additives

Veggie sticks with dip

Full of nutrients, vitamins and low in nasty fats and sugars

Dried fruit

Concentrated, sticky sugar, more likely to cause cavities. May not contain as many nutrients, as these are destroyed in the heat/dehydration process

Fresh fruit

Natural source of fibre, nutrients, vitamins and water to keep you full for longer

So make the right choices this silly season, enjoy your break, indulge in moderation, stay healthy and safe and we’ll see you in 2022!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

EDG team