Has it been over a year since your last check-up?

Do you have some fillings or broken teeth that need to be fixed?

Have your gums been bleeding more than usual when you floss?

Have you been delaying making that appointment as you never seem to have time to come in?

Here are some reasons why you should pick up the phone and book yourself in ASAP:

1) Delaying your dental trip means that problems may be going unnoticed.

Teeth are small and your mouth is a big dark place! You may not necessarily see that cavity yourself. Only your dentist can check and evaluate your teeth properly, and even then it’s not always possible to see hidden cavities without having an x-ray.

Gum disease may only be picked up by the dentist analysing and taking some measurements of your gums. Simple bleeding when you floss or brush does not tell us how severe the problem is and how to deal with it.

Oral lesions and ulcers don’t always hurt and don’t always heal spontaneously. Unfortunately oral cancers are on the rise. They often hide in hard to see areas and can be completely pain-free for a long time! In many cases they are picked up by dentists during routine dental check-ups.

2) The longer you delay the bigger the problem becomes
That small chip or crack your dentist noticed last year may soon turn into a split tooth, needing a crown or an extraction.
Small cavity grows into a big one, turning into a large filling or leading to an infection of the nerve and root canal treatment.
Some oral lesions and cancers grow extremely quickly and can metastasize.
Gum disease if left untreated can lead to tooth loss.
In summary – small problems turn into big ones if left untreated, in some cases making them difficult if not impossible to solve!

3) The bigger the problem the more expensive it is to fix
A regular dental appointment or a small filling may put you back by a couple of hundred dollars. If over time the tooth becomes infected or splits you are now looking at several thousand dollars to save it, and even more if the tooth needs to be replaced!

4) Payment options are always available to make dental treatment accessible to all

If you have private insurance our HICAPS system allows you to claim your benefit on the spot, meaning that there is only a gap to pay.

Don’t forget that if you are an HCF member you are covered in full for 2 exams, cleans and x-rays every year, meaning no out of pocket gap!
For larger treatment plans we offer interest-free payment options through ZIP MONEY. These loans are quick and easy to organise, ensuring that you can start on your treatment ASAP.


5) Various dental appointment times are available to fit in with your busy schedule.

We are open on several late nights to ensure that you can be seen even after work.

Emergency spots are available on most days so you will never be left with toothache or a broken tooth.

We can also provide you with a medical certificate if time needs to be taken off work to attend your appointment.

So no more excuses – we all find time and money to go to the hairdresser’s, beauticians and a mechanic’s (just to name a few).

Making that dental trip should be within everyone’s scope too.

After all dental health affects your overall wellbeing!