Last Minute-Christmas Gift Ideas…..

Are you stressing about your Christmas shopping? Are you looking for something a bit more unique this year? Here are some tooth-friendly options putting a twist on the usual gifts:

  1. Electric toothbrush – these come in a huge price range, from $30 to $300+, including kid’s themes, blue-tooth connectivity, pressure sensors etc. Electric brushes provide a great clean and make that morning and evening routine a breeze!
  2. Waterpicks – do you know someone who hates flossing, has gum disease or finds it difficult to use normal floss? Waterpicks offer an alternative with a strong water jet that helps to flush out/clean between the teeth.
  3. Whitening – zoom clinic or home whitening are great, effective options to brighten up your smile
  4. Dental treatment/consultation  vouchers  – these could be for any treatment, but as something a bit more special may be put towards elective/cosmetic work, such invisalign straightening, whitening, cosmetic veneers etc.
  5. Dental travel packs to take on upcoming holidays
  6. 2-minute Hourglass or a timer – great for kids (and adults!) as it ensures they are brushing for long enough while they either look at the sand falling or listening to music.
  7. Dentist toys  – Lego, playdoh sets to get them ready for their first dental visit in the new year and to become comfortable with dental clinic setup and instruments
  8. Educational books for kids – to learn about visiting a dentist, proper care for teeth and gums, good food habits, to prepare for when the first tooth falls out and tooth fairy visits.
  9. Custom mouthguard – for those young (and older) sports fanatics, be it footy, basketball or kickboxing.

We are open for 2 more days if you need help with any of these ideas. Call us on 9531 6387 if you need help with any of these ideas, we are open until 4.30pm on Fri 20 December. Happy shopping!